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As a National High and New Technology Enterprise, Guangxi Yinyi Science and Technic Mine Metallurgy Co., Ltd., with land area of 88 hectare, is located in Longtan industry zone of economic development zone of Beibu gulf, Guangxi where is near Zhanyu and Yubei highway and adjacent to Qinzhou, Beihai, Tieshan and Zhanjiang Port. Invested by Ningbo Yinyi Group with a registered capital of RMB 250 million and accumulated investment of RMB 1 billion, a good amount of top talents of company management and nickel metallurgy in the nation gather in the board of directors, the leading group of the company's operating, the Party committee members, the management and technical team. With total 1500 work staff in the company, the organizations like Worker Union, Youth League committee, Women commission and so on are fully equipped.


It holds the independent intellectual property rights of Atmospheric Pressure Leaching Metallurgical Technology to produce electrolytic nickel and cobalt from laterite nickel ore. The company is the second largest nickel smelter in China with electrolytic nickel production capacity reaching 10000 mtpa and the annual sales up to 2 billion. The company's Green Efficient Industrialize Technology Project to Process Low Grade Laterite Nickel Ore project has been listed in National Industry Technology Development Project in 2008 by the National Development and Reform Commission. After completion of the project, the company would win 9-11 core patent rights. The project is also listed in the Central New Investment on Key Industry Reinvigorating and Technical Reform in 2009 by the commission. Nickel Leaching Metallurgy was awarded second prize of Nonferrous Metal Industry Scientific Technology and the company's technical centre was also named Enterprise Technical Centre at The Autonomous Regional Level, the project of Sulfur and Cement in Anhydrite Byproduct won the name of Autonomous Regional Model of Industry Green Production Project. The company was also listed in one of the National High and NEW Technology Enterprise in the same year.


In the next 5 years till 2016, the company will continue its green technics, recycling economy, enlarging nickel production, deep processing and extending industrial chain with lofty and grand ambition, an initiative spirit of daring to blaze new trial, an unyielding will and practical style of work. We will start another larger nickel metallurgical plant from 2012 to make a Nickel Capital in the south of China. At the same time, the deep processing project of nickel will  be started, which includes production of nickel ball, superfine nickel powder, nickel wire, nickel strap production and the extended industrial chain including production of secondary battery, cobaltosic oxide, superfine alloy, kentanium caking agent and so on , thus the added value can be increased, so that to boost the strategic adjustment of industry frame of Yinyi Group and contribute to the building up of second mainstay industry.

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